Refer a Friend and Get $5.00 Off

Now at both locations we are offering You $5.00 for EVERY NEW Customer that you send to us. All that your friends need to do is bring us a minimum order of $10.00 tell us YOUR name then we will automatically discount your next Dry Cleaning Order.

Meridian Cleaning Center is your best place to have all your clothes cleaning done. We have been helping people with their cleaning needs for years.

Seniors age 60 and older will receive a 20% discount excluding Leather and Alteration and Home/Office Delivery Service.

Environmentally  Conscious Cleaning

You might be surprised that some of your Dry Cleanable garments can be cleaned in water. Actually this is a process that many Dry Cleaners have been doing for many, many years now.
This is not to say that you should water clean your Dry Cleaning at home you can seriously ruin a garment at home.
Let a professional do this for you.


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